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Installation Help

What You Need: Plastic Squeegee (Supplied), Application Fluid (Supplied), Measuring Tape, Masking Tape and a Dry Cloth.

Our Boat Graphics come completely ready to install. Your Boat Graphic consists of 3 parts:

- The top layer of the graphic is the Application Tape (See through paper/tape, used to transfer the graphic to the boat as 1 piece);
- The middle layer is the graphic itself, and;
- The bottom layer is the backing paper (Thicker, non see-through wax paper). 

After removing your Boat Graphics from the shipping tube, lay them on a flat, hard surface with the Application Tape facing upwards. Now run the Plastic Squeegee across the top of the entire Graphic, this will ensure the Graphic is stuck to the Application Tape. You may need to leave your Boat Graphics lying flat for 24 hours to help them flatten out before application.


The Wet Method is recommended for shiny surfaces (such as new fibreglass, old fibreglass that has not had too much sun damage) and boats with chines (these look like planks or ridges in the hull).

The Dry Hinge Method should be used for unpainted aluminium (including boats with chines) or very dull surfaces that will trap a fine layer of water.


IMPORTANT: The areas to which you are installing your Boat Graphics need to be thoroughly cleaned before applying your graphics. Remove any loose, dried debris such as tape or glue carefully with a single edge razor blade. Thoroughly clean the surface with Methylated Spirits or Prepsol, followed immediately with a clean dry cloth. Freshly painted surfaces need to have had at least 72 hours of drying time before applying your Boat Graphics.

Place a piece of masking tape across one of the top corners of your Boat Graphic. Without removing the backing paper, stick your Boat Graphic up in the position you would like it on your vessel.

Measure either up or down, using level reference points on the transom or hull, to the edge of the backing paper where you have masked the Graphic to the boats surface.

Use the measurement and the same reference point to align the un-masked end of the Graphic and secure it with masking tape.

Wet Method Continue to Step 4   |   Dry Hinge Method Skip to Step 9



Using the bottom, right and left edges of the backing paper as a guide, place pieces of masking tape on the vessel. This will act as a guide to assist you in aligning your graphics during application.

You can now remove the graphic from your vessel. Lay your Boat Graphic, with the Application Tape facing down, on a level, clean, dry surface. Slowly peel the backing paper away from the graphics. Do not allow the exposed adhesives to contact anything until the Application Fluid has been applied.

Spray the 'sticky' side of the Graphics with the Application Fluid, you can also spray the hull/transom where the Graphics will be going. This makes it easier to position the Graphic as it stops the Graphic sticking immediately to anything it touches.

Stretching your Boat Graphic from both ends, line up the edges of the backing paper with your masking tape markers. The Application Fluid you applied will help you slide the Graphic until it is in position. Make sure your Boat Graphic is exactly where you want it before the next step.

Use the Plastic Squeegee to work the Application Fluid out from beneath the Graphic. Starting from the centre and working outward, use firm strokes with the squeegee to force the Application Fluid out from beneath the individual letters. Do this for around 20-30 seconds, ensuring you cover the entire area. Now leave the Graphic to dry for at least 20 minutes before progressing to the next step - SKIP TO FINAL STEP



Place a piece of masking tape across the top of your Boat Graphic, this will create a 'hinge'. For larger Boat Graphics, you can cut in between the Words/Letters to make it easier to apply. Fold the Boat Graphic up and carefully remove the backing paper, ensuring you do not let the adhesive side touch the Boat surface.

Now while still holding the Boat Graphic up, use the Plastic Squeegee to apply the Boat Graphic. Start from the top of the graphic (at the masking tape end) and slowly work your way down until the whole graphic is applied. Repeat this for all sections of your Boat Graphic - CONTINUE TO FINAL STEP

 FINAL STEP - Both Methods


To remove the Application Tape easily, spray the tape with the Application Fluid, allow it to sit for 1-2 minutes. Gently remove the Application Tape by holding it flat against the surface and at a 45-degree angle to the lettering. Be careful not to pull the Graphic up with the transfer tape, if this occurs you may need to leave the graphic to dry longer.

To remove any larger bubbles that may have appeared in your Graphic, wrap the Plastic Squeegee with your Dry Cloth, and gently squeegee over your Graphic. Most small bubbles will usually disappear after a few days.

Congratulations! You have now successfully installed your shiny new Boat Decals.

Thank you for choosing Boat Names Direct!

WARRANTY: This is a custom-made product manufactured to your specifications. Our warranty applies to manufacturing defects only! Boat Names Direct cannot be held responsible for damage caused to your Graphic while in use or from problems caused by failure to follow installation instructions properly.

PLEASE be careful when installing your new graphics. Ask us if you need advice on installation.